Sunday, April 27, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms-Neighbour...networking..old age


When Bible urges you to love thy neighbor, it is not all that easy to do so, if the neighbor is a nuisance. With more and more proximity due to small cages in flats and cheek to cheek houses, neighbourhood camaraderie has increased over the years as also the nuisance value. Barking dogs, loud music, verbal lashings, pollution…there is variety in your life. But it is not a good idea to antagonize your neighbours because they are the ones who come to your aid in times of trouble or emergency. It is important to be a member of ones residential area and get involved in activities like cleaning, greening and security of the neighbourhood. Extending this relationship to a larger context, it is a pity that our country has not had very cordial relations with our neighbour. This has nothing to do with the people of both countries-it is more a political game.   


The mantra of success is networking. I think women lack this skill and this could be one of the reasons why they do not get ahead as fast as they should. Men exchange visiting cards, meet up in Bars or on the golf course and clinch a deal. Most women do not even have a visiting card. They are too wrapped up in balancing home and career and have little time for networking. I also believe they are wary of each other and hesitate to help. There is a tinge of jealousy/envy that comes in the way of their networking. Networking is about sharing information, ideas and your vision with others so that you can grow faster and higher. Men have mastered this short cut to success mainly because they know how to share without feeling threatened. They also have the attitude of quid pro quo-I will scratch your back and you help me with mine-kind of philosophy. When I founded Guild of Women Achievers, it was with the intention of providing a network of women from different walks of life so they can access each others products/ services/talents/expertise through a membership mode. The response has been slow and steady as those who believe in it are reaping the benefit. It is useful for moms, working women, professionals and entrepreneurs, to form themselves into networks so they can bond and share. It gives them a collective voice to air their views.

             Old Age:
Youth I adore thee, Age I abhor thee

When Shakespeare wrote this 400 years ago, old age was not as exciting as it is today! I am looking forward to growing old. It has so many advantages. Firstly, how old is old? When I was 10, I thought my 15 years old cousin was old. Now I am 50 plus, I think, my neighbour at 60 old. So age is a relative term. You are so old as you think or behave. But there is the reality of chronological age and we cannot wish it away. We need not worry about it either.Old age is an event in ones life for which you have to do event management from young age. You don’t grow old overnight so you have ample time to prepare for what is bound to come. Change is the key word and adaptability to what it brings is the door it fits. One of the beautiful aspects of old age is that you don’t have to prove anything to anybody. You have done it all and now is the time to ponder and wonder-not regret! You can take each day as it comes and live it as you please. But hold on to those purse strings! When you are young-eat well, keep fit, think happy thoughts and save your money wisely- they will help you grow old gracefully!