Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms-Pride..Peace...Rape


We are reminded that pride comes before a fall. Pride is considered contrary to the love of God. Pride is a result of building myriad illusions about who we are and what we are about. But I believe it is necessary to make you achieve something in life. I am talking about pride in ones work, in ones heritage, in ones family, for your country. Pride based on illusions is destructive but when it is based on a healthy respect for ones ability, it is perfectly valid. Unfortunately, we see more of the kind that stems from a large ego. How does pride manifest itself? Normally by belittling others to show off ones 3 Ps – prowess, power or position. Pride in its positive grab, is when you are grateful to those who have helped you get there, treat everything you have as gift from God and appreciating the bounties of Nature around you. If you are proud of your school/ college/ organization/ city/ country – you will contribute to its growth and prosperity; if you are proud of your heritage, you will uphold it and if you are proud of yourself-practice humility.  

What is the role that women can play in bringing peace on earth? If women were to rule, would there be less wars and no terrorism? If more women were at decision making levels in Government and Parliament, would we have more peaceful negotiations than conflicts? I think the answer lies in this statement made by an American peace lover who said Diplomacy requires skills of negotiating and conflict resolution, an ability to look at all sides of an issue, and an innate empathy for the understanding of our fellow humankind. Women possess these skills. If this is so, why are there so many broken homes and dysfunctional children? Since women ‘rule’ the household, there must be peace and harmony in every home as per the qualities women are supposed to possess. Quite often, women are the cause for conflicts in families. Instead of spreading peace; they instigate strife and goad men to break up perfectly harmonious relations. The innate empathy they are gifted with, fails to make them understand any point of view other than their own and what we have is a messed up society today. If women want to contribute to peace on earth, they must start from the hearth at home.


What a dastardly act. A rapist is the worst aberration of mankind. To subject women/ children to sexual assault is inhuman. The law should be merciless in punishing these perverts. Yet, it dilly dallies and the culprits go scot free thanks to equally perverted lawyers who take up for them despite knowing they are guilty. They are as much part of the crime. Parents of rapists spend a fortune to get them off the hook, not realizing the victim is some ones child too. Here is a suggestion to women. Please avoid situations which can get you into trouble-like walking/driving on lonely roads after traffic or movement on the road stops. Do not admit any man, even a relative, into the house if you are alone. Do not stay late in the office after working hours, unless accompanied by other women colleagues. Do not leave your girl child alone with any man-even a relative. Never drink anything a man gives you in a party unless you know the person well and never leave that drink on the table and come back to drink it later. School and colleges must introduce self defense classes as part of the curriculum. If a girl is raped, the entire family/ social circle, instead of ostracizing her, must give her the moral courage to report the crime and get justice. It is not her fault.