Friday, April 25, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms-Men...Menopause

I pity men, especially after I read the book hazard of being a male. It must be tough to live up to a self created image of being know all, macho and invincible! The worst malady they have is their EGO. If they could handle that, then the world would be a happier place to live in for women. But giving the devil its due, I agree it’s a man’s world and have no problem with it. They fight the wars (they start them anyway), they rescue the drowned, they drop food packets for the famine stricken, they move heavy baggage… they do lot more than we women do. But that does not justify the way some of them treat women, or the way they assume they are lord and masters of the world or the way they misuse their manhood to suppress women. There are many men but very few gentlemen who are aware of their prowess but are equally aware that they are complete only with the qualities that a woman brings into their life. I respect men who treat women with respect. It shows good breeding. As for those who rape, abuse and harass women, they are scum of the earth and every self-respecting man should ban them from society.

There is a stage in a woman’s life when she can say, ‘Men-o-pause, and understand me’. Women dread it as it is associated with depression, hot flushes, night sweats, loss of energy and a feeling of ‘I am not wanted’. I say to those women-cut it out. Menopause is the best thing that happens to women as it gives them a power surge (not hot flush), freedom from you-know-what and above all, renewed energy to focus on herself as the kids would have moved out to work or marry. Besides the biological changes that happen due to hormones playing truant, a lot has to do with attitude. Just as you dye your hair when it goes grey, you treat menopause discomfort with HRT (I like the definition Humour Replacement Therapy)! Actually women have a feeling of redundancy at this time with children moving away and husband too busy with his career. It is time to discover ones potential and start doing interesting things like attend craft classes or take a course in export management. It is time to go to a health club and work away those bulges and blues. It is time to have a nice leisurely body massage in a beauty parlour. It is time to get together with menopausal friends and laugh about it. It is time to start an enterprise perhaps. In short, it is time to challenge and face the change in life with a smile and not tears. And as for men (they too are supposed to go through menopause), it would be nice if they could just refrain from ridiculing even if they do not want to be helpful or supportive.