Friday, April 18, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms-Health & Fitness..Housekeeping

   Health & fitness:

When I was young, I remember reading the famous saying that if health is lost ‘something is lost’. No-if health is lost-everything is lost. I am a health and fitness buff. I do everything I can, to stay fit. I am a disciplined eater, exercise regularly, go for long walks and think happy thoughts. Our body is like a temple in which dwells God in the form of ones conscience and morals. If we abuse the body by overeating, slothful habits and wayward living, we are being ungrateful to the Creator. I worship God by respecting my body and taking care of it. If I am struck with a disease over which I have no control, it would be only because of my destiny. I would accept it as God’s wish. Staying fit is the best way to respect oneself. All it takes is a little will power to start a regime. Once at it, you can never stop. It is as addictive as tea or coffee! Exercise reduces stress and increases ones self esteem. Good health is the greatest asset one can possess.


There is more to housekeeping than dusting and cleaning. It is all about organisation of time, of resources, of money and of ones energy to run it! I am a good housekeeper-no clutter-but not obsessed with cleanliness. Again, housekeeping to me is like venerating the place you live in. Knick knacks and curious are not my cup of tea. I like an open place with just a few aesthetic pieces and lot of comfort. What makes a good home is the warmth you generate. An organised home is a happy home because it shows that those who live in it care about it. When things are in their place, you feel relaxed and comfortable. Either the husband or the wife must be house-proud. The children must co-operate and do their bit. Housekeeping is teamwork. Workplace housekeeping is important too. A clean desk and a lively work environment add to ones efficiency and self esteem too! Good housekeeping is more than an attempt to keep things looking presentable. It is an effort to keep things going the right way.