Monday, April 14, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms -Feminism...Flirting

3                       Feminism:

“Are you a feminist”? Is the first question that is fired at me when I tell anyone that I am running a women’s organization. Considering the negative connotation that this word has (thanks to all those bra burners), I quickly assure them I am not. But I am really one in the true sense. Feminism is about freedom of choice and I have always made my own decisions about what I want in life. Feminism does not mean an anti-men policy. Nor does it mean militancy. It means retaining the qualities that make women different and dignified like compassion, caring and nurturing and magnanimity. It means an interdependent spirit that acknowledges everyone’s contribution to development of self and society. It means an awareness of ones role as a woman and a mature approach to that. It means respecting ones mind and body and expecting others to do the same. It means sending out the right signals about yourself so that no one messes around with you! Here are some interesting definitions of feminism by women:
-          Having the right to decide what is right for ME.
-          Women not afraid to live by their own standards.
-          It means not making a woman my enemy.
-          I am a woman and want to be treated as such and so I act and look like a woman…simple!
-          Choices, backed by the law, and respect
-          Living my life in exactly the way I want.

Long live feminism.

3                             Flirting:

Flirting is feeling so good about yourself that you give out the glow to other people. Which makes them feel good and draws them irresistibly towards you-well, if it is an innocent as that, it is fine. I stumbled upon a Flirt Coach and Flirt Academy! So obviously it is a skill that needs honing and there are people out there who have professionalized it. A young man, who confesses his hobby is flirting, says that the woman he flirts with have confided that he has helped their self esteem as they feel special and want to look good. But here one must be careful not to let it become a messy affair. If flirt you must, there are a few guidelines worth remembering.

-          Choose your flirting partner carefully in that she/he is on the same wavelength.
-          Send out the right signals so your target knows your intentions are just to flirt.
-          Keep emotions out. Love and marriage don’t figure in this.
-          Have interesting views for conversation-intelligent flirting has class!
-          Never flirt with colleagues in the office
-          Sex has no place in a flirting game.
-          Please spare married men/women unless you do it before the spouse who is a sport