Saturday, April 5, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms- Compromise...Consumer rights...Cooking

1    Compromise:

Compromise represents a far greater risk than courage. As difficult as it is to stand for truth, it is much harder to live with the consequences of moral failure. This word is used quite often to condone many ills of society. What is compromise? Giving up ones convictions to buy a comfort zone? In the work area, the weaker one in the hierarchy is supposed to compromise and ‘adjust’ to the whims of the higher ups. A voice of dissent can be a threat to survival. In marriage, the woman is expected to compromise and give up her ambitions to maintain peace on the home front; in politics leaders’ compromise with their conscience, to make the best of their position, customers’ compromise with the quality they get from government services as they have no choice. Life is expected to be a series of compromise. Fine-as long as it is a compromise between good and good; when there is a win-win situation, to get a mutually beneficial result. But what we see more often is compromise between good and bad. The victim here is ones moral values. In the long run, I think it is good for our self esteem to have lived up to our values than to have gained materially by compromising.

1      Consumer Rights:

I am not talking of consumer as in the business context. To me, the internal consumer is more important-my family! Since I am the head of the household (figuratively speaking!), I am like the CEO of the company who has a commitment to give the best to the consumer. My family has a right to demand the best health service, a balanced and nutritive food and beverage, safe and clean environment, warm hospitality and lots of love. That I am a working woman does not absolve me of my commitment to the consumers, though I can muster their help to make it easier for me to give them the best! All you have to do is win the consumer’s confidence by giving the best and the rest is easy-I mean once you have the consumer on your side, you get his/her cooperation willingly. The consumer also has a duty towards me-to be reasonable in demanding the best and being appreciative of all that I do. Maybe the same principles should hold well in the business scenario too.


The way to your family’s heart is definitely via the stomach! A well fed husband and children go about their duties happily. I am not overly fond of cooking- but I make sensible good food. I would like to give customer satisfaction by introducing variety and adding nutritional value to the food I serve. No gourmet cooking-just healthy fare for the mind and body! Many women are fond of declaring ‘I hate cooking’, I pity the family. Even to supervise a paid cook, you need to have a friendly approach to pots and pans. Be it a man or woman, cooking is a skill worth acquiring for ‘man’ does after all. ‘Live for bread’. Besides cooking, it is important for me to have peace at the dining table. No skirmishes…no arguments…no crying and no sulking. The dining table is a thanksgiving altar for the food we are blessed to eat. Absolutely no pushing the plate away in anger or throwing crockery around! As for wasting food- I feel strongly about those who heap their plate with food and just throw it away. They can serve themselves as much as they can stomach. When you think of the millions around the world, dying of hunger, every morsel we save will make a difference.