Saturday, April 12, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms- Equality...Faith

3                                               Equality:

As God created man and woman differently, it shall be so that He created each and every woman to be unique in his or her own way. We all have gifts to share and ways in which we can shine. Men and women are equal only to the extent that they have the same fundamental rights. Their biological differences make them unequal in many ways. But that does not mean the inequality makes one subservient to the other-it only means that there is a difference in the roles they have to play. There need be one conflict on this. There have been, over the years many role reversals and it is up to individuals to negotiate the terms with each other. When we talk of equality, we mean it Vis a Vis opportunities and compensation. According to the ILO mandate gender equality is a matter of human rights, social justice, economic efficiency and sustainable development. When we apply this term in day to day man/woman relationship, there is bound to be conflict as equality is a relative term. Some women can outnumber men  in  work and vice versa. Equality is ultimately measured by an enabling environment in which men and women everywhere have access to decent work that provides security for them and for their families.

Just do it- that is faith. Most of us do not succeed in life because we have little or no faith in our capabilities. We find excuses to stop ourselves from doing anything. Faith is to believe what we do not see and it needs tremendous self confidence to follow this. parents, teachers, peer group, workplace colleagues….they all tend to shatter your faith in yourself in many ways. Interestingly, Faith is associated with religion but to me faith starts with believing in oneself. Belief, Convictions, Trust, Hope- all these are different forms of faith. Some get fool hardy and call it faith. When faith turns into action, only then do we see the fruits of it. Having faith in God and writing your exams without the necessary preparation for it will not get the desired results. When women come in for counseling, they have neither faith in themselves nor in the counselor, so they get stuck with their emotional dilemma. Once they walk in for help, they must trust the guidance given and follow the suggestions. Some of them have the potential to overcome their problem by taking corrective measures but lack the faith to act on it. They are stuck with the word ‘can’t’ and refuse to move. The secret of having faith in oneself is to change ‘can’t’ to ‘can’.