Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms-Goal..God..Grace


A dream with a deadline-what a perfect definition of a goal. We all dream but rarely do we set standards and time frames to fulfill those dreams. It takes tremendous will power to fulfill a dream and that is called goal setting. That power within, which a writer calls ‘conquering force’. We think goals have to be about great feats-like climbing the Mt Everest. Not necessarily. Climbing up the three floors to your apartment without panting can be a goal too! Getting into a pair of jeans you wore in college…finishing a book you wanted to read….cleaning the attic of old clothes….visiting an orphanage and playing with kids…cooking a great meal for the family….touching your toes without bending your knee…controlling your tears when someone snubs you-anything can be a goal as long as you are at it and persistent. Having a goal makes you feel motivated. Motivation makes you an achiever..    


Does God exist? If so, in what form? It takes tremendous faith to believe in some force we are not even sure of but it is that very faith which is God perhaps. It cannot be expressed, only experienced. To me God is my inner strength. I pray to all Gods as I believe there is only one God but we see Him differently. I have seen Him in the people who have helped me when I needed His support most. I have felt Him besides me in my most depressing moments, urging me to get up and get going. I have found Him giving me solace through opportunities to serve and I have found Him in my heart, encouraging me to love even when I have encountered hate. The greatest gift one can give ones children is the belief that God is ones best friend and is willing to bail you out if you live by His code of conduct-do unto others as you would, they unto you.

4               Grace:

You have it or you don’t. It comes from being a happy person with a positive attitude. Grace is when you can smile through your tears to applaud your adversary’s victory. Grace is when you can casually flip the broken pieces when your maid drops your favourite crystal. Grace is when you remember the name of the person you met only once (even if she is not a VIP). Grace is when you remember the taste of your guests before inviting them to a party. Grace is that special quality of making people feel that you are there for them when they need you. Grace is confidence in the goodness of others. Grace is the ability to appreciate the strengths of your opponents. Grace is your enthusiasm about the present someone gives you even if it is of no use to you. Grace is the best gift of the fairy Godmother.