Saturday, May 10, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms-Woman Vs Woman

Woman Vs woman:   

It is a cliché but unfortunately true – out of every ten women haters, nine are women themselves. Let me quote views of another woman as they perfectly reflect my own. 

* Why do we resent, rather than emulate, women whom we perceive to be more powerful than ourselves? Many of us see beautiful, successful women as a threat. We need to congratulate them for their achievements rather than seek out any of their potential flaws.

* While collectively we are very intelligent, compassionate creatures, we don’t always act that compassionate towards each other. Some of us need to stop feeling like women who have achieved a certain position of prominence and reached it through manipulation. Believe it or not, women do not typically “sleep their way to the top.”

* We already have men saying that we have mood swings and that we are the strangest things made on this earth. I deeply and truly feel that we need to look at ourselves and ask why we are so frequently in completion with each other.

Another College student writes-

* Other women become our outlet for the frustrations we face in society. We squabble for the few positions allotted to us instead of working together to create more.
Instead of working together we set out to beat each other, and in the process, we all lose.

I sign off my jottings with this thought – Domestic violence, dowry harassment, depression – all this could be minimized if women can be supportive, be genuine friends and facilitate the success of each other. We can do this only if we think alike and move as a team.

“Always a woman must be stranger than the most terrible circumstance. Through us, the women of the world, only through us can everything survive. An image comes to me. I see generations of women bearing a flame. It is hidden, buried deep within, yet they are handing it down from one to another, burning. It is a gift of fire, transported from a world far off and far away, but never extinguished. And now, in this very moment, my mother imparts the care of it to me. I must keep it alive, I must manage and to be consumed by it, I must hand it on when the time comes to my daughter.”