Monday, May 5, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms -Stress...Suicide...TV Viewing


At one of the training programmes on stress management for women employees of a bank, I asked them to write out some of the factors that causes stress. 90% of them mentioned ‘children and husband’. The same exercise with male employees, cited interpersonal relations at work and time as stress producing.What should give joy,is creating stress! Isn't that ironic! Stress is an acronym for the following:

S- spouse
S-social norms
If we do not manage any of the above with maturity and wisdom, we are going to be highly stressed out. Meditation and yoga may help but what is more effective is diagnosing the cause and treating it rather than brushing it aside and breathing through the left nostril or standing on ones head.     


There is a saying in hindi – jaan hai tho jahan hai. It means, when there is life there is hope. When you don’t take care of depression, it takes over your mind and suicide could be the way out. But it is a coward’s way out. It leaves behind a lot of devastation in the family. The person who commits suicide, exits out of a problem but those who are left behind have to battle with a lot worse-the problem plus the guilt of not having prevented it. Grief over a natural death can be overcome over a period of time but the loss of a loved one to self inflicted death, is irreparable. Those with a suicidal tendency should seek help at the initial stage and make an effort to overcome it. Just bottling up ones disappointments or expectations, does not open doors to understanding the situation. There are many support groups which help persons scope with such problems but they have to first help themselves. Even God helps only those who help themselves. When you feel depressed or suicidal, just go to the nearest place of worship-any faith. He is there for you-waiting to heal you.

                          TV viewing:

Many people swear against TV viewing. I love watching TV and soaps-no, not as idle entertainment but as a close look at life. We all cannot live out mistakes and learn from them, we can always find alternatives to life’s problems in these little episodes that enter our drawing room. The characters represent the people we meet and the situations are drawn from real life though exaggerated to dramatise, I find the human emotions and dynamics portrayed in these seemingly mindless serials, very educative. It is like a daily glimpse into the realities of life around me and a warning to keep away from trouble that could come from anywhere. Thank God for TV!