Monday, May 19, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms from the 80s…Women as bad as men!!

Women as bad as men!
It was the first time I saw a grown up man cry and it was shocking. Somehow, you don’t associate a man with tears and there he was – unashamedly sobbing into his large white handkerchief. His wife had withdrawn every pie from their joint account, taken out all her jewellery and silver from the safe deposit vault and eloped with his younger brother, leaving behind her two-year-old child and all his life savings gone. I wonder what happened to the poor man.
Then there was the smart model who had this ambition to marry a rich man. With her looks and the glamour of her position, she was not to wait long before she got the husband she wanted – young, handsome, rich and a successful industrialist.
Two lovely children followed and life became boring – playing the loving wife and mother and basking in the luxury of a life with few wants. She wanted excitement and adventure and sought it in the arms of one of her husband’s business associates – a foreigner. She left the family and went away with her new beau. The poor husband had to face the jeers and snide remarks of his relatives.
Why do we women do such things? Just because for every woman who behaves in such a fashion there are five women who are worse? Granted men are unscrupulous, time servers and exploiters. But are we women any less?
When we are upto tricks we can be equally harmful. How often we hear of espionage instances involving women. There are men who pour their hearts out to women who blatantly misuse their confidence to their own advantage. The sad part of it is that when a man deserts a woman, she has the sympathy of society and the family is ready to provide shelter. On the other hand, the man whose wife walks away with the goodies, only gets blamed with a ‘perhaps you have been cruel to her and she could not bear it anymore!”
A neglected wife is a person to be pitied, but what about the neglected husband whose wife sits for hours playing cards in the club? What about the wanton wife who flirts around with her husband’s colleagues?
Let us stop and reflect. It is not a question of the ratio of men and women who are bad. It is a matter of what one human being does to another. No man or women has the right to mess up the life of a spouse. If part they must, why not do so as two thinking adults so that there is no emotional devastation, leaving behind a debris that can rot society? All human relations are based on one factor – consideration for the other – be it a man or woman.