Thursday, May 1, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms-Reproductive rights...Riches...Road Rage

Reproductive rights:

Why am I taking up this topic? Because I find politicians discussing this in their debate, religious heads expressing their opinion and Bills being passed in favour or against abortion by men who think they know best! Who is left with the baby, literally? The woman of course and she has no say in the matter? What do men know about carrying a baby in the womb for 9 months, going through excruciating labour pains, getting up in the middle of the night to suckle the baby and keeping your sanity all the while. Then the child gets the name of the father! Having a baby or not having one, should be the decision of the woman-especially if it is an unwanted pregnancy out of wedlock, in an unhappy marriage or due to rape. It is better not to have the baby thus give it a raw deal after birth. We each need to deal with the abortion issue in our own way, in the privacy of our own homes, with our family and friends…Since it is the woman’s body which has to go through the travails of motherhood, it is her decision to make. ‘It is my body, my choice’-but that also means a woman must not knowingly and willingly get into a situation where she has to handle an unwanted pregnancy and abort the child. That is murder. A woman’s true sign of empowerment is when she has reproductive rights.


Heard of the poor little rich woman whose bank account was full, but her heart was empty? That seems to be the case with many women I have met. They have chauffeur driven cars, designer clothes and chunky jewelry. But there is no sparkle in their eyes. Why do we relate ‘richness’ to money? If we move away from the definition, then we are surrounded by riches-of our culture, tradition, heritage, Natural resources, human resources, talent, diversity…the list is endless. All we need to do is count the blessings we have and realize how wealthy we are. Today, we have many avaricious people who would like to get rich overnight and have contributed to the increasing volume of corruption and fall in moral and ethical values. In the long run, the one who is really enriched is the one who associates ‘riches’ with peace of mind and sound sleep. I am a rich woman.

\                            Road rage:

A comprehensive study of road safety found that human error was the sole cause in 57% of all accidents and was a contributing fact in over 90%. In contrast, only 2.4% were due solely to mechanical fault and only 4.7% were caused only by environmental factors. I quote this information. And it makes me angry. When you are at the wheel, you have no business to be thinking of anything other than the road, its rules and your driving. Long ago, I realized I did not have this ability and I do not drive. Ten years ago I founded the Road Accident Victims’ families’ Welfare Foundation, to provide counseling and legal services to the victims’ families. It is heartrending to see parents of young people who are killed in road accidents due to no fault of theirs but of other rash drivers. It is said that more people die of road accidents than in war as it happens every day. Drunken drivers must be put behind bars and their license confiscated. Licensing authorities must ensure they are giving it to the right person and road rules must be enforced strictly. Rich parents, who gift their children fast cars and get them off the hook when they violate traffic rules, causing accidents, must be punished even more severely than the culprits. When someone hits and drives away, he is cold blooded murderer. At least, stop and reach the victim to the hospital – he/she may survive. A person’s character is measured by the way he/she drives. Next time you are behind that wheel, remember that safe driving is life saving – it may be yours!