Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No-Nonsense Chayaisms-The Other Woman...Time...Unity

         The other woman:

Why do women make a pitch for married men? Or why do married women step out of the boundaries of matrimony? The same goes for men but what they do is none of my business! What concerns me is the role of women in breaking up a home-happy or otherwise. Many women come to me for counseling on coping with the ‘other woman’ hacking away at their marriage and I see red. In a civilized society, the first rule to follow should be to leave married couples alone to live their life in harmony. If they split because of their personal problems, it is up to them. No other woman should contribute to the break up. I am amazed at the number of extra marital relationships that are ruining families and making children dysfunctional. I have no time for such women. The ‘other woman’ is a narcissistic sex worker with no knowledge of true love.


Time is a great healer but a lousy beautician! With that light look at time, it is high time we take a serious look at it. Everyone around seems to be in a hurry-for what? Time alone will tell. Women are experts in time management as they can juggle multi tasks with equal aplomb. But they do not value the time they spend in many unproductive activities in the name of household chores. With multiple roles they play, women must chill out a bit and learn to use time saving devices to make life more comfortable and get optimum results out of their effort. The core principle in time management is concentrate on results, not on being busy. We think that if we are involved in a frenzy of activity, we achieve a great deal but not so-till we concentrate on the right things and do them at the right time. I meet many women who waste away many precious hours in idle gossip or watching TV or just napping. If only they would pull up their socks and use their time fruitfully what a boost to the National economy.


What we woman lack is unity. It is a man’s world because they hang out together and work as a team. Women are not able to have the team spirit thing going even at the family level. At work, men will facilitate the growth of their colleagues even if they hate each others guts. They do it because they know the favour will be returned. Women, even those in high positions, do not make any effort to help their female counterparts come up. They are afraid they will be branded as ‘feminists’ and make them less popular with the men. Men are aware of this weakness and use the ‘divide and rule’ policy instigating rivalry and fueling jealousy. Women succumb so easily to this ploy! Expressing anger toward a woman in a position of power is really expressing anger at ourselves for not having that position ourselves. Instead of berating the woman who has it, we need to achieve that potion ourselves. In the meantime, we need to support and not condemn each other. This is the only way we can truly come together as one to truly conquer all.