Saturday, November 30, 2013

Etiquette for PR XIV..Smoking manners

 The subject of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is increasingly becoming the topic of international debate.  There are those who propose that it is dangerous for non-smokers.  Other scientists testify that it makes an insignificant impact either in the atmosphere or, indoor air quality and this would be all the more so in countries with high pollution levels and lower incidence or air-conditioned premises lacking fresh air. Nevertheless, it is true that tobacco smoke is visible and could be a source of irritation to non-smokers.  Hence an approach of common courtesy and accommodation is recommended and here are some tips for smokers to make it so.
No Smoking please is a sign of great joy to everyone, but a smoker comes in many hues. There are the 'Tension smokers' who puff away their stress; the 'Blues smokers' who send up their woes in smoky spirals; the’ happy smokers' who enjoy every cigarette and the habitual smokers' who can't help themselves. For all those smokers here are some tips that might make their smoking a pleasure to others!
Rule No. 1: Buy your own Cigarette
A stingy smoker is a menace to fellow smokers, Always stock your quota and a few extras just in case you happen to be in the company of other smokers. Before you light yours, offer them and they will do the same for the second round.
Rule No.2 : Carry a Matchbox
If borrow you must don't pocket the entire matchbox! Better still carry a lighter.
Rule No.3 : Use an Ashtray
Of course, you cannot carry one around but make it a point to look for one or request your host to provide one.  Do not drop ash all over like the 'world is an ashtray' When you want to stub out the cigarette while smoking outdoors, grind it with your heel.  Do not throw a live stub which might be a fire hazard.
Rule No.4 Seek permission to smoke in company
While travelling, if there is no sign prohibiting smoking, seek the permission of fellow passengers before lighting the cigarette. If no one else is smoking at a meeting and the room is air conditioned, step out for a smoke.
While visiting another’s' office, ask,’ mind if I smoke'?. The same goes for when you visit some one at their home
Role No.5 Do not speak with a cigarette between your lips
If you are interested in being understood when you speak, take out the cigarette from your mouth and please do not gesticulate with it. Just hold it pointing upwards so that you don't hurt some one.
Avoid smoking if you are sitting on a dais at a meeting.
If smoke you must, follow the above rules and happy puffing.