Monday, November 25, 2013

Etiquette for PR IX ..Shopping with grace

A Chinese proverb says, ‘A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”. What attracts the customer is the warm welcome, courteous service and a pleasant countenance.  Whatever you sell, sell it with a smile!  That is the essence of good salesmanship.  When you decide to set up shop, polish up your manners, and then sit behind your counter.  Money will automatically flow in!.  This is one instance where good manners actually pays!.
Let your ‘counter manners’ be for everyone. In some shops, the obviously rich and the foreigners get preferential treatment. Do not belittle your customer. Some have the habit of asking you the price of everything,  even if they are not interested in buying. You do not have  to rudely dismiss their curiosity. Remember, he might remember your courtesy and come to buy the same at a later date!
Make your shop as comfortable as possible for the customer. A couple of chairs, if space permits, will put him at ease. Whatever the temptation to be otherwise, honesty should be a part of your salesmanship. Many shoppers forget to collect change or leave their parcels behind. Keep a track of these and return them to the rightful owner. If the customer chooses an article, which you know is damaged, tell him about it and offer a discount, he will appreciate it and trust you always. Educate the customer about proper usage of the goods he buys, so that he will be careful hence, not blame you, if anything goes wrong. In the hope of getting rid of your unwanted stuff, do not wheedle a gullible customer into buying it. If he asks you for guidance in shopping for something, be sincere and look at the advantages from his point of view, not yours!. You may not earn much money by way of sales if you follow this but you certainly will gain heir good will and in the long run, that’s the beginning of a successful sale!
The Customer: Do not think it is your birthright to order the salesmen around, just because your purse is loaded.  Enter a shop only if you intend buying something, not because you have time to kill.  Go with a specific purpose, clear about what you want.  Explain to the salesman your requirements, tell him your approximate budget. It saves both his time and yours, and you get what you want.
Honesty is also part of your deal.  If the cashier gives you extra change return it to him.  Do not pick up anything without paying for it later.
Do not go to a shop five minutes before its closing time and expect to be allowed to browse and choose!.  After all, they too have other things to attend to and are anxious to reach home!  Remember, a salesman is on his toes for long hours.
Do not take children into a shop unless you are going to keep a strict eye on their activity. Keep your hands off delicate objects, if you want to have a look at some article, asks the salesman to take it out and show it to you.