Sunday, November 17, 2013

Etiquette for PR I

People relations is the key to the success of an individual or an organization.  Effective people relations (PR) is a combination of ‘Politeness, Etiquette and above all, a genuine concern for others.  Effective PR can be cultivated, the essence of which is a consistent behavior pattern that does not encroach on others’ territory.  It also calls for an attitude of fair play, treating all alike.  As someone put it, ‘Anyone can be polite to a King; It takes a gentleman/lady to be polite to a Beggar’.  An organization, be it a Business House, Educational Institution, Service Club or Home, will be a better place, if its people take the trouble to fine tune their PR.  In a nutshell, Good, People Relations is doing things the way they ought to be done.  It is going by ‘the book’ in spirit and doing things in good Faith.  It is observing certain Codes of Conduct. It is reaching out to others with…
.’…a friendly glance and open hand And a gentle word for all. We all should endeavor, while going along to make it as smooth as we can…..’
           Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. “If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use”, said Emily Post whose guidelines are revered to this day.  It is this “feeling for others” that we tend to forget in our conduct, and speech. “My, you have put on weight haven’t you?” or “Why are you looking so haggard?” or, “Oh!  You look ill” or “What have you done to yourself, for God’s sake?” or “Hey!  You are graying fast “or “You’ve aged since I saw you last!”  How would you like it if someone said these things to you?  “Will I like it?  If you ask yourself this question, before passing any remark, you will be sure to say the right things.  We are more conscious of our own feelings than of others.  When you are talking to a parent, make sure you don’t say anything derogatory about the child, unless you are the teacher! Even then, you can temper your criticism with a bit of politeness.  Instead of saying, “Your child is a real pest in the class “, you child is very naughty and tends to irritate his classmates”.
If you are speaking to your Subordinates in the office, be polite, even if you have to tick them off.
Do not scold your child before outsiders.  However naughty he is, the little one has a right to his self-respect.  Hold your anger and speak to the child when you are alone with him.
Never create a scene with your spouse before a third person.  It is embarrassing for that person.  If you have a difference of opinion with your spouse, don’t air it before others.  They will feel uncomfortable.
Do not decry A to B, knowing they are good friends.  This is in bad taste.  If you are really concerned about anothers feelings, you will weigh your words and action.  People forget deeds but not words spoken.  We tend to be more careful while talking to people who matter- but a well-mannered person is like the sun, radiating warmth all around.