Sunday, November 24, 2013

Etiquette for PR VIII..Minding ones business

Rumour- mongering and gossip are the traits of the ill mannered.  It is only the idle who-have time for it.  This can cause untold harm to society.  How does it begin?  By those who take pleasure in other’s pain.  It is destructive mentality
Check the habit of interfering in other’s business.  As the Duchess rightly put it, “if everybody minded their own business, the world would go round a deal luster than it does”!  How often we peep into our neighbor’s house and their life!  It is so in our working place too.
‘Office cats’ are a menacing species; their sole intention is to ingratiate themselves with the powers that be, at the expense of their trusting colleagues.  They mix freely with their co-workers, collect information thus and furtively pass on the same to the higher-ups.
The worst quality in a human being is the urge to cast aspersions on other’s character.  Never say anything which will malign a person’s integrity.  Women are targets for this kind of abuse and often by women themselves!!
It is no doubt human nature to be interested in other fellow beings.  But a well-bred person will channelise this into constructive interest by helping the needy and cheering the depressed.  If they have no time for this, they must mind their own business, which is the best thing that can be said about any person.  Remember that song, ‘Your business is your business and my business is mine”!.