Friday, November 29, 2013

Etiquette for PR XIII..Value Time…

"A man, who has taken your Time, recognises no debt, yet it is the only debt he can never repay".The basic quality of a well mannered person is the value he/she sets on Time-other's Time.  Punctuality is a vanishing virtue.  Nothing is so dear and precious as time so let us see how we can add value to it...
Appointments are sacrosanct....
If you are a Doctor
Do not walk into your consulting Room after the patients arrive.  As far as possible, keep to the time given to each patient.  Resist the temptation to indulge in idle gossip with 'friend' patients while others are waiting...  Avoid taking personal calls during consulting thing worse than falling ill is waiting for the Doctor who does not keep his timings.
If you are a Lawyer
Litigation seems never ending because Lawyers have no value for their Client's Time. If you cannot give your Client your Time, have the courtesy to send him to someone who has.  Do not ask your clients to come at the same time.
If you are a Dressmaker
Organise your work schedule to honour your commitments.  If you cannot deliver the dress, keep the customer informed so he/she need not make futile trips
If you are interviewing candidates
An interviewee is under great stress which increases as the seconds tick.  If there is going to be a delay, inform the candidates so that they can either relax or go for a stroll to unwind. Try to stagger appointments, giving a margin for discussions with panelists before the next one is called. If you, for some unforeseen reasons, have to make them wait, organise some refreshment and reading material.  You could ask your Publicity or Advertising Dept. to make a presentation about the organisation!
If you have a rendezvous at a public place
Be it a social one, official or romantic; do not make the person wait.  Reach the place well in time to avoid the embarrassment of 'hanging around!
If you are attending a show or talk
If you cannot reach before it starts, forget it.  Do not be a nuisance to others by groping your way over peoples' toes, in the dark.
If you call for a meeting
Stick to the agenda, avoid rambling and keep track of Time. Schedule the meetings with a realistic assessment of how long each one might take. Avoid spillover!
Time Truisms
Just a minute' does not stretch into an hour
There's no better Time than Now to do what you have to
Give your children Time- more than Money