Friday, November 22, 2013

Etiquette for PR VI..School/college manners

Schools and colleges are places where ‘pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed’.  The threesome that goes into making an educational institution are the Principal, Teachers, and Students.  Each has to conform to certain codes of conduct to be able to achieve ‘polish’.
The Principal:
This trend- setter of the institution must be careful about his speech, dress and behaviour. As you are the “father figure’, do not go dressed flashily.  Jeans and cowboy shoes are for your after-office hours.  Unless very hot, wear a suit or equivalent national dress.  If you have air-conditioned offices, you can keep the jacket on.
  • If you have to tick off a teacher for any reason, call him/ her to your office and express your displeasure politely but firmly.  Never take him/her to task before student.  You will be undermining the teacher’s authority and thereby instigating disobedience among students.
  • When a teacher is holding his/her class, excuse yourself before you enter and ask his/her permission to say whatever you’ve planned to, to the students.
  • As far as possible do not enter a class while the lecture is in progress.
  • When you call for a staff meeting, keep to the stipulated time and give a patient hearing  to any member wanting  to express his/her views.
  • When a complaint requires your judgment, listen to both sides of the story and then act according
Teacher :.
  • Be sober in your attire and speech.
  • Swear words are out however annoyed you are with a student.
  • If you want to send a naughty student out of class, do not say “get out’.  You will be provoking defiance.  Politely request him to leave the class and promise to give him a hearing at leisure if the wants to defend his misbehavior.
  • Modulate your voice and speak to students like a friend.  Call the students by his name (make an attempt to know their names-they respond better).  And do not say ‘Hey, you” or something obnoxious like that!  Do not ever address them by their community like “you Sard,” or  “hey Gujju!’
Student :
Do not :
  • Chew gum in the class
  • Keep shaking your leg, lounge with your legs stretched out
  • Wear clothes hippy style
  • Be stubborn if you are asked to go out for misbehavior. Make a dignified exit and then meet the teacher to explain.