Thursday, November 28, 2013

Etiquette for PR XII..Using public conveniences

 When we travel by train or bus, when we unsuccessfully try to use a public telephone, we frown and curse the Government for its inefficiency.  Do we for a moment, pause to think of what we, as citizens are doing about this?  The Government only provides amenities.  It is up to the public to make use of them in the proper manner.  There are educated people who live in style, yet, spit out 'paan' juice from the window of their Mercedes!
A bus or train: Avoid eating messily.  If you want to munch peanuts collect the shells in a paper and don't dirty  the floor with them. If you have a child make sure you take him/her to the toilet so that the child does not dirty the compartment. When you use the toilet on the train, please use the water closet the way it ought to be used and only when the train is moving.  Travel light and don't overcrowd the compartment with numerous pieces of luggage.  Don't let your children tamper with light and fan switches.
An airline:  It is tempting to press the bell above to call the airhostess- but remember, she has hundreds of passengers to attend to.  Unless you really need her help, don't call her.  Even if you do, be polite and don't shout at her if you have any complaints Resist the temptation to walk away with the newspaper or magazine! They are only meant for reading on the flight!
The public telephone: Brevity is the soul of a conversation on the telephone, especially in a public booth.  So, finish your conversation fast; don’t meddle with the gadget.
A library: Be seen, not heard.  Don't go to one to conduct your love affairs or discuss business with a colleague.  Munching while reading is out.  Return books intact and don't tear out pages or mark paragraphs.
A Public meeting: Go well on time and take your seat.  Go only if you are interested in the subject and want to listen-not to while away your time.  Avoid making loud remarks at the speaker's statements.  If you don't agree with the opinions expressed by the speaker, keep silent.  After, all, he's the one who has been invited to speak.  Don't try to get up and walk out, especially if you are sitting somewhere in the centre.  You may stand at the fringe of the crowd to satisfy your curiosity and make an inconspicuous exist if you must.
A Club : Treat the club property with respect.  Conduct yourself with dignity on the club premises.  Don't tip the waiters heavily so that you can get exclusive service.  Follow the rules.  Pay your dues.  In the bar, do not get drunk and make a scene.  Always go well dressed and be friendly with fellow members.  When there are programmes organised by the Club committee, participate willingly.  If you are dissatisfied about anything, convey the same to the Secretary.  Don't make it a habit of taking a whole lot of guests often since it strains the Club's resources.