Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Etiquette for PR IV..Party manners

If you are hosting a party you have a heavy responsibility.  Not only of providing eats and drinks, but making all your invitees feel at home.  Receive them at the door, make a personal comment like, “How nice you look, or “That’s a nice dress’. Introduce the guest to others who are already there, see to his or her drink and then get ready to welcome the next. When you introduce present the gentleman to the lady.  “This is Mr. Mehta, he is our club champion in bridge and this young lady is an expert debater…”  You would have given each, some information of the other to start a conversation.  Young people should be introduced to older ones.  It is always the prerogative of the lady to shake hands.  If she prefers to do ‘namaste’ do not extend your hand.  The best way to greet a person on introduction is “How do you do?” or” Pleased to meet you”,
Even if you are ravenously hungry, avoid pouncing on the small eats as the bearer passes by. He will offer you some soon enough, and if he forgets you could always call him politely and discreetly.
Don’t gulp down your drink fast, to be able to tuck in as much as you can.  Intersperse your drinking with conversation, and circulate freely.  You could first gauge the kind of company and then talk.  This way, you will be avoiding embarrassment.  For instance, if you are in the company of doctors, it is in bad taste to decry the profession and reel off the grouses you have against them.
It is advisable to steer clear of controversial topics like Politics. When you find the conversation veering towards an argument, change the subject and talk about something pleasant.
Try not to monopolise the conversation.  You might think you are holding your audience spellbound, but you are only boring them to silence.  Gossip, personality aspersions, sarcasm and veiled remarks should be totally avoided.
Do not be curios about a lady’s age or a man’s income.  Trumpets are to be left at home.  If you are related to well-known people, it is your luck-keep it to yourself.  Basking in someone else’s glory only shows up your superficiality.
 For heaven’s sake do not take on the responsibility of being the life and soul of the party and be loud and brash.
Do not talk with a cigarette in your mouth, or your hands in your pocket.  Make sure you use the ashtray provided while smoking and see that you do not mess up the carpet with bits that you eat.
If you have to leave a party early.  Excuse yourself to your host and make a discreet exit.
One golden rule- never take your children to parties unless the host has specifically invited them.  In fact, this motto should be followed even when you go visiting casually.