Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What makes women work

All this time I thought only women read my columns –. Now I know otherwise!  A male reader tears my argument into pieces and writes that I have it all wrong.  According to him, women work for money and not pleasure! This is where I’d like to say, ‘Sorry buddy-you have it all wrong’.
Come to think of it, why do women work?  Some for money and some for pleasure.  There are some who work because they get to sit in an air-conditioned office, drink fee cups of tea and can be away from the drudgery of housework.
My critic says that women with an educated hubby who brings in a fat pay cheque need not work but can be quite content tending to home and hearth.  How very simple.  What if the woman has talents that cannot be smothered by a bank balance?  Such a woman has to work to satisfy her own creative urges.  She works for the pleasure of seeing her ambition fulfilled.  To her, money is secondary.  She does not have to work to supplement family income, but she would like to find an outlet for her creativity or capability.
It is up to her to decide whether she’d like to stay home and bask in the glory of her hubby and his fortune, or take a breather and go out to work.  It is when she is not given a choice that it becomes repression.  It is entirely up to an individual to decide whether she wants to work or not, especially if she has no economic pressures to sway her decisions.  Surely she will bring more to her work, being a willing and voluntary worker!
Then there are the majority of women who work for money.  Happy are the ones among these, who also get pleasure out of their work.  Most of them are however, doomed to a life of slavery at keyboards or files.  The only glimmer of happiness is in the lunchroom and on payday.
What about the women who are neither Qualified, nor have to work for money? Yet they work – because a job comes easy. They are either nieces or daughters or wives of some business tycoon and are handed a cushy job on a platter. They are chauffeur driven to office to do odd jobs, which someone more needy could have done, and blow up their ill-deserved pay packet on foreign trips and expensive baubles.
“I’m so bored, so I work” say some women.  Employees better beware of such escapists who are neither interested in work nor in money but in mischief mongering.  They should be sent to a zoo to tend monkeys Perhaps that will cure their boredom.
So you see, one can’t generalize and say that all women work for money and not pleasure, It’s more likely that all men work for money only, as they fancy themselves as breadwinners! If I were to become an employer, I’d any day recruit women who have highly educated and well off husbands.  Because I know that they would be working for me, not because they have to, but because they want to.  And if I am asked to fight for a cause.  I’d fight for such women who are forced by ‘well off’ husbands to stay home while they could ­easily combine a well organised home and a career through which they can contribute to society