Friday, August 23, 2013

A day in the life of a lady of leisure

 Memsahib, memsahib…memsahib, chai”….to the sound of this, our lady of leisure (LOL), Seema, wakes up.
Flexing her toes and throwing back her arms the way her aerobic teacher has taught her, Seema slowly sits up.  The sun plays hide and seek as its rays filter through the window drapes.  The little Swiss clock on the bedside table points to 8.10 and Seema slithers out of the cozy comfort of her queen size bed.  Sipping her tea, she flips through the morning paper, her eyes eagerly scanning news of exhibitions and sales of sarees and jewellery.  With a satisfied smile, she picks up the cordless phone and speaks to her friend Veena.  They plan a rendezvous at the club at 10.30.
The driver opens the door with a smart salute and Seema gets into the car.  With last-minute instructions thrown to the ayah to send ‘saab’s lunch to the office, Seema sits back to enjoy the ride to the club.  Veena is sipping a long, cool drink and orders another for Seema.  They exchange notes about last evening’s party at Malhotras. The food, the service, the furniture, the guests everything is discussed with meticulous precision.
It’s time for the aerobic class at the clubs ‘ornate room’.  Veena and Seema go to the cloakroom and slip into their leotards and tie up their hair with a band.  One…two…three…bend…stretch. one…two…three…jump…it goes on… wiping their sweat, they walk towards the clock, wondering how many calories they’ve knocked off and how many calories they can take in at the Puri’s dinner party that night.
The visit to the exhibition is successful as they meet the very ladies they want to be seen by.  The sale proves fruitful with a good haul of designer clothes and handcrafted trinkets.  It’s time for lunch.
Salads and a soup with lean meat and fish…. it’s just enough to make one feel deliciously drowsy.  Seema drives back home for a short nap of three hours.  The AC is on, curtains drawn and the household is quiet.  Ah! For a swim, quick call to hubby “meet me at the pool darling”…
Cucumber sandwiches and a cool drink before buzzing off to the hairdresser for a set and a pedicure.  ‘Helloji, how are you?”  “Ah! Meeta- how nice to see you after such a long time!”  Oh! What a beautiful broach,  Asha!”…”Mmmmm…. These croquettes are great!” “Did you see ‘Hope In The Sun’? I got the videotape the other day.  I can lend it to you for a day…”
Y…a…w….n.  It’s past midnight and time to go to bed.  It’s been a long hard day and Seema flops on the bed.  Thank god for sleep!  It really is refreshing.