Sunday, August 11, 2013

Are women the weaker sex?

     Who says so?  Have you ever seen two women near a municipal tap?  Or two mothers fighting over their kids?  Or a wife berating her husband who gets home late from work?  It’s a myth that women are kind and considerate as a sex.  On the other hand, they are cold and calculating and know just which side their bread is buttered. You have to see the women in Soaps on the TV- scheming, manipulative, ruthless, and wicked.
 A smile.. a tear.. a pout and that’s the works.  She knows just when to turn on the apparatus for the reaction she wants from the opposite sex.  The exercise begins very early in life too.  Dressed in their pretty pink frilly skirts, with bows and curls in their hair, they look like angels who can’t say ‘boo’ to a mouse.  They giggle into each other’s tiny ears saying ghastly things about their brothers!  If the brother were to tweak their ears or pull their ears or pull their hair, there is a torrent of tears.  When papa and mama go out, sonny boy has no business to say “I’ll come” but the pert young miss will throw a fit if she is left behind. 
If you want to know what a hard nut to crack means, watch a female boss in action.  The milk of human kindness sort of freezes somewhere between the left arm and the aorta and all that she wants is to prove to all and sundry that she means business.  It’s no pleasure doing business with this female machine, churning out success for there is no doubt that nothing succeeds like a woman boss! “I’m made of steel” is the boast of many a female achiever and if you are sensible, you will avoid them like you would a hot piece of iron!
Go getters- that is what we women are.  Just go to the suburban Station at 5.30 in the evening and you’ll be surprised at the agility with which they go to get a seat in the train! Purses clutched to their bosom and sarees tucked at the waist, they poise themselves like sprinters in the Olympics and the minute the train steams into the station, they charge like the light brigade.  Femininity? Grace? What are you talking about?
Interested in Kamala’s secret affairs or Vimal’s character? Just eavesdrop during lunchtime when the typists pool is tucking in food! How they love to slaughter the girls who eat at their own table! “You know why she goes so often to the Boss’s cabin to take dictation?”  “You know, Saral’s promotion came through because she says yes boss to anything Sen says” and so on!”
There is no doubt-women are a difficult species to contend with.  If you know what’s good for you, keep on their right side.  They make excellent friends and the most deadly enemies!