Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Poor little rich wives


 The bored and frustrated Suma, is advised by her equally bored and frustrated friend Sheela to spend more time in kitty parties, beauty parlours and jewelers.  The sad truth hits you – that there are many women who do just that because their husbands are too busy making money.  As a sop, they take their wives to holiday resorts abroad, once in two years.  But the poor little rich wives are doomed to a hollow existence.High-powered executives, business tycoons and men in public life make poor husbands indeed.  No fault of theirs, but the price they have to pay for fame and fortune is their dear wife.

Constantly on the move, signing contracts in different continents or cutting ribbons in various States, these men soon become public property, with little time to ‘stand and stare’ in to their wives’ eyes!  The home becomes a soulless collection of objects d’art from different parts of the world.  All possible material comforts are available at the flick of a switch and servants take care of creature comforts.
So what does the wife do?  Some of them prefer to dispense with cooks and try out their hand at exotic food; some other go to various classes to learn how to grow bonsai or arrange flowers Korean style; some become members of elite social service clubs and distribute ‘manna’ to the needy.
Some husbands do make amends by spending as much time as they can spare with the family.  Yet, at the back of the wife’s mind gnaws the threat of imminent and frequent separation.  No more for her the simple delights of serving him his favourite dish or watching a silly programme on the TV together and holding hands.  Everything is at her disposal but the one thing she cherishes most!
How many dinner parties she has to attend alone, apologising for the last-minute dash of her husband to some important meeting!  So many friends whom she’d like to visit with her husband fall out of her circle.
We women envy the rich wives, their baubles and their lifestyle.  Little do we realize that they envy us our togetherness.  Money is, of course, very important but not as much as happiness at home.
You buy a cotton saree out of your savings and wear it when you go out for a show with hubby.  He complements you and you feel thrilled.  There is your affluent counterpart who steps out of the beauty parlour with the latest hair-do and immaculate make-up, only her friends get to see her as Mr. Rich is not around to see the transformation of his wife!
It’s not sour grapes.  It’s just observation.  Given a choice, most women would prefer the company of their husbands to his chauffeur’s!  They perhaps dream of a cozy evening when hubby feels very romantic, wears an apron and decides to cook the evening meal while they lounge in their favourite chair and say “Hubby in the kitchen and all’s well with the world!”