Saturday, September 28, 2013


Once upon a time, there was a princess who had a very wicked step mother. Everyday, the little princess was made to do all the hard work in and around the house while her step sisters enjoyed watching TV and playing video games… day

 I am sure you have heard this kind of story any number of times while you were growing up and now, moved on to bestsellers and lengthy novels. Reading gives a lot of pleasure no doubt but writing has its own charm.Of course,it is easier to read what others write than be a writer but, I am  attempting to share with you the art of writing and hope you will enjoy the tips I will be giving you and then get down to writing yourself. We believe that one has to be a born writer. My personal experience has been that one can cultivate writing skills Just as one can learn cooking as both are creative and require imagination and innovation. Just as cooking a dish requires certain ingredients; writing too begins with some basic ingredients like knowledge of grammar and good vocabulary. These can be learnt over a period of time.
Writing begins with reading. The more you read, the better you will be able to write. It is good to read a range of authors to get an idea about different styles and approaches. Some writers have a very simple style like R K Narayan, which anyone can understand. This style is becoming more popular now as people have less time to read and understand.
. Before you get down to writing, check your ‘intention’. What is your attitude towards writing? The way you write depends on your answer to this question. To some, writing may just be a “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”—such a writer brings to the work a sincerity which rubs off on the reader, immediately establishing a rapport. This kind of writing has the stamp of a genius at work. There may be nothing studied about it. There may not be the technical perfection a critic looks for nor the ’pep’ that bestsellers are famous for.
 Then comes the ‘intention’ to shock. Some writers love to glorify their so called sins—whether real or imaginary—just to capture readership. It is amazing how trash sells more than masterpieces. The writer is purely out to cash in on the command over the ability to write. To a large extent, Oscar Wilde was guilty of this ‘intention’. His works are replete with epigrams which shock or shatter accepted norms. But he brought to it a refreshing sincerity that was unique in an otherwise hypocritical society. To any aspiring writer, the works of Oscar Wilde can be delightful exposure to the art of writing --- to shock and please!