Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Men are such bores! (Oops! sorry guys)

 It was one of those cocktail parties the Navy is famous for.  The men in their uniforms stood stiffly with their glasses in their hands and talked shop.  The women stood around in groups and chatted desultorily.  Suddenly, there was fanfare and the Admiral got down from his car.  He guffawed around with the officers and went towards a group of women – “Ah!  Women!  It’s nice to be with them!” he boomed while the officers respectfully and dutifully laughed at the so called joke.  “That’s a beautiful saree you are wearing madam and wow!  That lovely necklace must have cost your husband a year’s pay packet!”  Another round of laughter and the women smiled.
God!  I fumed within, can’t these men think of something other than inane statements on saris and jewellery to women! They think that it’s their duty to compliment a woman – rather flatter her, as that’s the only thing they understand!
Yes, very few men know how to make conversation – good, sensible stuff!  The most favourite topic of course, is saris.  If they run out of material on this six-yard conversation opener, they go on to babies.  The more poetic ones will wax eloquent on nature or worse still the physical assets of women.
I have yet to meet a man whom I can talk to for five minutes, without getting bored.  They have ceased to become interesting to women.  On the other hand, I’d rather stick around with the women as they are all doing interesting things.  Moreover, women are better at conversing.  They make it a point to find out what interests the men they are speaking to and steer the dialogue to the right channel.  They show healthy curiosity and get as much information on the subject, as they can.  This way they widen their sphere of knowledge and also get labeled as charming to boot.
On the other hand men are more interested in their own profession or vocation and don’t think it worthwhile to speak to the women about what they are doing!  They just presume that a woman’s world is infested with broomsticks and nappies.  Why can’t they be sincerely interested in her work and ask questions which could make them wise?  They are laboring under the misconception that women like to be flattered!

Save us from these flatterers.  They are an insult to womankind.  They go on and on about such trivialities like you look gorgeous or you are charming and such other crap.
But no one can be as disgusting as the man who makes light of a woman’s job.  “Oh!  You are a doctor?  Your patients will be cured the minute you hold their hand – ha!  Ha!  (Ugh!)” “  Engineer?  Not bad!  What do you build?  A home?  (Beast!)  “A lawyer?  I’m sure the judge will be mesmerized by your voice and let you win your case!”  (Oh!  Yeah?)  “An executive eh?  I’m sure you manage your bosses pretty well” (stop it!)  “You are a publicity manager?  Hey!  All you need to do is stand at the door and your company will get all its publicity!”  (I’ll scream).  When I tell them that I work for an engineering firm, their first question is “what’s a lady like you doing in an engineering firm “?  Now tell me, men are working as product managers of sanitary napkins and lipsticks – is that ok?
All said and done, men have become utter bores.  If I were marooned on an island, I’d any day choose a woman for a cozy chat-about men!!