Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Classroom in the womb

We always look to the west for fresh ideas on anything and make a song and dance about all their theories.  Their latest seems to be one on speaking to the child in the womb to be able to give birth to a genius.
Actually, there is nothing new or amazing about this theory as I’ve seen my grandmother practicing it on her daughters and pass it on to us when it was our turn.  I remember how amused I was when she in insisted on my listening to carnatic music and religious discourses when I was expecting my son.  Every evening she’d make it a point to recite her prayers loudly while I was made to sit beside her so that the child would be indoctrinated at the womb stage.  My father, a doctor, would indulgently let his mother have her way, but would later tell me how crazy the idea was.
Medical explanations aside I tend to now agree with grandma.  Looking at the wild and whimsical products of the new generation, I’m convinced it’s a spillover of their mother’s own habits.  The tensions and strains of modern living, besides the pressures of career, seem to have made the present day mother a bundle of nerves.  There is little time to listen to music leave aside discourses.  These turbulent thoughts and reflexes must communicate themselves to the child if one believes in waves and vibrations.  Just as the expectant mother’s intake can harm the life within, it is equally damaging to indulge in high living and tightrope walking.  R   e    l    a    x!
In olden days, an expectant mother was promptly packed off to her mother so that she can relax – both in body and mind.  It was presumed that she’d be more content and happy in the midst of her kith and kin, who shower attention and affection.  She was fed her favourite dishes, as tight control on her diet would be imposed after confinement.  Every wish of an expectant mother was to be fulfilled so that her mental equilibrium had to be maintained.  All this is pooh-poohed by educated women and tight fisted hubbies today.
A mother’s influence on the child’s psyche cannot be underestimated.  It stands to reason that a human being constantly nestling in the womb of another, directly imbibes both physical sustenance and mental reflexes It is indeed an experiment worth trying, to have mothers to be isolated in special ‘homes’ during their pregnancy.  They should be allowed to soak in the tranquility of quiet green expanse – broken only by the sounds of the birds chirruping and soft breeze rustling the leaves.  Their bedrooms must be fitted with the harmony of soft tones, extolling the greatness of the creator.  Their food must be simple but nutritious and passages from the Holy Scriptures must be read out.  I’m willing to take a bet that the children born of such a serene mothers, will turn out to be balanced individuals.
But in the rat race that the modern woman has enrolled in, gives her little time to be a guinea pig for this experiment.  Meanwhile let’s hope someone in the West will try it out so that it can become a fashion for us follow.