Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Ads that add insult to injury!!

The whiz kids of advertising are consider­ed to be very mod and progressive in their views. How come they write copy like chauvinists on a picnic
Take this headline of a jewellery ad:  If he's not the man you want him to be, try being the woman he's always wanted”! Rather a tongue-twister, but why pray should a woman settle down to being a man's ideal when he can't try- to be hers? And to think that a man's dream girl is one who wears expensive jewellery!
There was a time when girls were told to sharpen their culinary expertise to reach a man's heart. Now, these ad people tell you an ‘instant success’ method wear some bauble around your neck and you'll be the woman ‘he's always wanted’! No girl with a modicum of pride will succumb to this invitation! She will say “if he's not the man I want him to be, good luck to him I'll find another”! Atta girl!

It doesn't end there. Some guys selling fans ask husbands in righteous anger, “so this is what you promised your wife on the wedding day?", and the poor wife is seen sweating it out before the stove while the manufacturer offers a simple solution — his fan. “Make her a promise today” he urges, “a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen — with our fans.”
To make it more deplorable, there is another ad in which a beaming wife is queening it in the kitchen and says, “Look, my husband put this wedding anniversary present on the wall”! It's the fan again.
I thought the age of the woman in the kitchen is out and here we are dragged back into that hole, with false promises. And what is all this nonsense about ‘promised your wife on the wedding day’? As far as I know, the husband promises to go along through thick and thin and if she's stuck to the stove, he jolly well be too — so the fan is meant for both.
The sweet, shy-looking wife whispers to her husband that she wants a pressure cooker, and imagine - the shopkeeper has one for each degree of love the husband has for his wife! The guy who loves her more than ‘jaan' has a super cooker with a safety assurance going with it, which means the guy with lukewarm love will buy a less safe cooker and doesn't mind his wife being blown to bits if it bursts! Next time you want to do away with your not-so-lovable wife, go and buy one of these not-so-safe pressure cookers! And now you have a celeb husband chiding the cooker for whistling at his wife!!  To cap it all, the celeb wife warns him not to say anything about her pressure cooker as it is more dependable than him!!

Then, we come to the best of them all the Clearasil ad. Even the celestial bodies have agreed to bless the couple, but the pimple on her face came in the way. The poor girl runs to her mirror and thanks to that miracle cream is happily married later. Sure, a guy too is rejected for his foul breath but see how delicately the objection is whispered to the mother. How can you loudly declare that a man is an unsuitable match because of his bad breath? It's okay if you proclaim to all and sundry that the girl's pimples came in the way of her acceptance!  Wah re duniya! Here we are, women making waves in all spheres and forging ahead and there you have admen/adwomen , putting stumbling blocks in our way!