Monday, December 2, 2013

Etiquette for PR XVI..Home manners

 Manners, like charity, begin at home.  Most of us reserve our best behavior for outsiders and treat our family to the worst.  This only makes us hypocrites and the home, an unpleasant place.  The home is actually a training ground for good manners and with trial and error; one can perfect one's attitudes and conduct here.
The first precept to follow is - respect another's property and privacy.  Just because A is your brother, it does not give you the right to use his books or pencils or whatever.  Ask him or rather request his permission and then take it.  It also does not mean that permission once granted is forever. Each time you'd like to use his things, make it a point to ask him.  Parents too should not presume that all their children have is 'free for all".  You might have brought your son his cycle, but if you want to use it, he should’ know' (here, you need not ask!).  When you buy something for someone, it belongs to him and you have only a secondary right to it.  If at all you want to wear your mother's saree don't just open her wardrobe and start picking and choosing.  A 'May I?’  Is in order here.
Don't just pick up any comb or brush lying on the dressing table.  They are personal property, meant only for the owner.  Towels and bath soaps come in the category too.  They are personal property, meant only for the owner. Towels and bath soaps come in this category too. This not only shows good manners, but is also hygienic. Once you make this a habit it will stand you in good stead outside the house too.
Always knock before you enter your parents' or brother's or sister's room. It might sound too formal but it is not good to 'barge in' on anyone without warning!  Saves you and the other person, embarrassment.  If you are angry, don't bang doors.
At the dining table, don’t have unpleasant arguments.  Mealtimes should be fun as that's the only time when the whole family is together.  Exchange jokes and anecdotes and be pleasant.  Even a frugal meal tastes like a feast.  Of course, it goes without saying the table manners must also be observed!
In most homes, bathrooms are in great demand in the mornings.  Don't sit for hours inside catching up on all your week's reading or solving the crossword puzzle.  This will not only result in your getting piles but also irritate other whose need is a great as yours.  The bathroom is purely utilitarian in its function-finish you business as fast as possible and come out.  Don't splash around water and soap all over the place:
Involve yourself in the day-today running of the household it's a home and not a hostel.  See that your room and you things are in order.  Don't lounge in dirty clothes or disheveled hair in the drawing room.