Thursday, October 24, 2013

Peace of mind or pieces of the mind?

It will soon be  curtains down on 2013 and a New Year begins with hope for more peace and prosperity for all. The year gone by saw many good, bad and ugly happenings but like the brook, life goes on. As we pray for a better year ahead, it is time to introspect and assess our contribution towards world peace.
It begins with us. Ask any one what is the most important thing to have and pat comes the answer-‘peace of mind’. Unfortunately it is not available in the store. One has to work towards it. As the Bible says- put on peace. We have to wear it like a mantle all the while by following the three As- Awareness, Acceptance and Appreciation.
Being aware of our surroundings, its people and their diversity, helps us accept what the world has in store for us and appreciate its variety. The problem is we Think too much and Thank very little. The day we start counting our blessings and stop expecting the world to fulfill our expectations, we would have created an island of peace within us. If every individual is striving towards inner harmony, there is a greater chance of community peace and hence world peace.
Rising Consumerism and greed drives people and nations to grabbing and gorging. The I, Me and Mine culture instigates intolerance and arrogance. While we pride ourselves on advancing Science and Technology, we are leaving behind Spirituality and Tolerance which alone can save us from the disaster that we are heading towards.
Home is where peace should take its birth. Parents need to be less confrontative in the presence of their children. Verbal and physical abuse is tearing apart the family fabric. Frustration is the predominant feeling, stemming from unfulfilled expectations.
We have to seriously think about introducing the peace concept at school level. Unfortunately teachers themselves are cruel and inflict punishment on children, communicating the idea of violence as a mode of revenge. The electronic media adds to this message and our news channels further highlight the gory happenings around. Bombarded with so much negative and conflict generating messages, we are more likely to go to pieces than have any peace.
Corporate life too needs a face lift. Workplaces are becoming terrorist camps with interpersonal relations taking a heavy toll. Competition, as long as it is healthy is fine but cut throat attitudes are taking the joy out of working. Fun is a forgotten word and falsely associated with unhealthy activities. Work is worship is a mere platitude
Let us make a resolution to count ten before pouncing on any one. Let us realise that more things are wrought by peaceful methods than by arms and ammunition-be they verbal ones too. Let us learn to be happy with what we have and not covet others’ happiness. Let us put relationships above material possessions and savour the beauty of peace that can enrich our life. Let us recognize the divinity that dwells within and spread peace inside us and around us. That is the best legacy we can leave for the next generation.
Let us start the peaceful revolution Kranthi Nahi..Shanti...