Thursday, March 6, 2014

Taking Care of Boss

  If you are  ambitious and want to climb high on the ladder of success, stop being a drudge at your desk, and divert the same energy towards looking after your ‘Boss’.  The boss is generally very human and prone to the weakness of that species.  His Achilles heel is his own ‘boss’ at home!  So if your boss you want to win, with his wife you will have to begin. Find out her birthday and her favourite colour, praise her cooking.  If you haven’t tasted it, just keep saying she must be a good cook from intuition.  She’s bound to invite you sometime. Offer to do her shopping. Comment on her excellent taste in choice of curtains and carpet (though they look atrocious) and keep saying what a lucky man boss is! But make sure all this wooing is not done before the boss who will feel like wringing your neck as he personally feels that his wife is his greatest mistake. Once you have softened the lady, she’ll persuade her husband to look after your interests. This process is hastened if you follow these tips. 
  • Remember that your boss’ joke is always funny and let out a hearty guffaw even if you have heard the same twenty times and the punch line is missing.
  • Help him when he gets the doors and windows of his house painted. When he gets his car serviced, when he gets his children admitted to school, when he pays their fees, when he buys the monthly rations, in short, do these things for him and make yourself indispensable (even if your wife threatens to go to her mothers.)
  • Invite Mr. & Mrs. Boss often for dinner and tea and serve in your best crockery. If they admire anything, promptly present it to them (even if it was part of your dowry and your wife gnashes her teeth).
  • Praise the boss’ kids and make sure you compliment the father on their excellent upbringing (even if the kids are brats and break your wife’s best vase).
  • If he wants to borrow anything from you, be it your best tie or your car, lend it with a smile on your face. Don’t look hopefully expectant every time he walks in with a ‘sorry, forgot to bring your…..”
 Your wife might find you detestable, your colleagues might find you disgusting, your bank balance might belch a little but what do these matter?  Boss is happy and one of these days he might even give you a raise or a promotion which is what you wanted all this time, isn’t it?